Off Season Travel To South Padre Island Is A Great Idea!

Many travelers are working around their schedule. School, holidays, work responsibilities and vacation days dictate many travel decisions. But, for those with a little more flexibility in their schedule come great rewards. Booking your vacation during the “off peak season” results in better rental rates, easier air travel, better deals on dining and shopping and even better customer service.

South Padre Island has one big season and then several other seasons.

June – August is the true peak season when school is out and families travel to the Texas Coast for summer holidays. The rental rates are at a premium, the restaurants are full and the parking sometimes a challenge.

January – Early March is “Winter Texan” season. Retirees from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Canada converge on South Padre for a couple of months of warm climate and relaxation. They generally enjoy inexpensive monthly rates on condos. This means that many of the condos are booked for these months.

Spring Break sees a boost in rates mid-March. But, there are some rentals that are restricted and do not rent to spring breakers during this time. Good deals may be available for families or couples over 25.

Fall time is usually an off peak season with great weather and excellent rates. However, there are some events like Bike Week in October or Sand Castle Days that draw a larger crowd. Fewer of the most popular units are available.

Personally, I think the best times to visit South Padre Island are October, November, December, April and early May. The weather is at its absolute best without the heat of summer. At those times the beaches are mostly empty and relaxing. The restaurants have ample tables and servers eager to please. The stores often have sales and special pricing and even the spas have availability.

Off season, you can also find some great deals on airfare. Mind the specials on Southwest and American or enjoy daily service from Dallas to choose a great time for a getaway. Even a short trip to the beach can change your whole state of mind. Especially in the off-season.

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