Making Holiday Travel Plans Now Can Save You Money

Right now is the ideal time to make your holiday travel plans. Whether you’re going away for Thanksgiving or for Christmas when you make your reservations early it can save you a bundle!

Take advantage of inexpensive travel options including less expensive airline tickets and reduced prices on rentals by making your reservations now. When you’re looking for accommodations, be sure to check out the Specials we have on our Padre Getaways holiday rentals.

Making Holiday Travel Plans Now Can Save You Money

To help you save on your holiday travel plans to South Padre Island, TX, this year we’re providing the following tips.

  • Save big when you book properties found on our Special Deals page and our Winter Rentals page.
  • Be flexible as to when you are willing to travel and add a few days to your trip before and/or after any peak holiday travel days.
  • Travelers can often take advantage of significant savings by flying on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or early New Year’s Day.
  • Consider connecting flights rather than non-stop flights and you can save as much as $100.

Making Holiday Travel Plans Now Can Save You Money

  • Consider flying part way then driving the rest of the way to your destination or drive to a different airport and fly from there. Compare prices from flying out of and into different airports.
  • If you are sure of your travel plans, many places offer discounts for making non-refundable reservations.
  • Do you really need to rent a car? If you’re visiting perhaps they can pick you up and return you to the airport. If most of the places you want to visit are within walking distance consider renting bicycles for the week to get around.

Making Holiday Travel Plans Now Can Save You Money

With all the money you’ll save using these useful tips and taking advantage of the specials deals we have on Padre Getaways holiday rentals you can stay and enjoy your vacation for another day or two!





5 Romantic Ideas for the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you want to take it over the top this year you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to make your plans. The most memorable Valentine’s Days are ones that include some well thought out plans. Plans like enjoying a visit to Padre Island by staying in our holiday accommodations. Go beyond flowers and candy this year. While it’s a nice gesture, we think you can do better and we’re here to help. Step up your game with these 5 romantic ideas for the best Valentine’s Day ever this year:

happy valentine's day

1. Call us for a reservation to stay in one of our luxurious Padre Island vacation rentals. Be sure to get a place that’s beachside so you’ll be able to enjoy the phenomenal coastal views.

2. Plan your stay well before you arrive, right down to what you’ll have for breakfast while enjoying the view and watching the sunrise. You’ll quickly learn that it’s not just sunsets that are incredibly romantic!

3. Four days before Valentine’s Day is the full moon so you’ll still have enough time to plan a picnic dinner on the beach at sunset. Whether you spread a blanket and candles or set up a table and chairs to dine on fine china, it’s the romance of the moment that will sweep you both away. We think you’ll score a whole lot of points just for the idea!

4. Don’t entirely forego the idea of flowers. A bouquet of flowers, given in a setting that doesn’t involve your residence, makes them exceptionally romantic!

5. If you decide to go out for dinner make sure it’s somewhere that’s very special and serves the type of food that your partner enjoys. This is not the time to go to the same old favorite restaurant you would go to on date night. Try something new this year and check for specials that local restaurants may be having on behalf of the holiday.

At Padre Getaways we have a nice assortment of romantic vacation rentals that would be just perfect for a romantic stay with your spouse or significant other. With amenities such as heated swimming pools and hot tubs, you’re sure to have a delightful Valentine’s Day when you stay with us!

Where To Go To Celebrate the New Year’s Arrival on Padre Island

With the holiday season upon us we hope you’re taking the time to enjoy the many festivities the area has going on near and far. Excitement fills the air this time of year and we don’t mean just for the kids! There are sales to be had in local shops and many people are rushing around trying to locate that perfect last minute gift. It would seem they all have the same goal – get it all done before Christmas Day and then get ready to celebrate the arrival of the New Year!


This time of year goes by so incredibly fast and yet it’s such a special time to treasure. Don’t let the season come and go in a flash. Why not take the time to slow down and enjoy each and every moment from right now through and including New Year’s Day. Treasure what the holiday is all about.


If you live local and have out-of-town guests coming for the holiday and you’re worried because your home doesn’t have the room to accommodate them, consider staying having them stay at Padre Getaways where we have plenty of room — no matter how many are coming.


If you’re bringing in the New Year in a big way this year and looking for somewhere to stay, somewhere you can celebrate to your heart’s content and then retire without any travel involved, consider our local holiday accommodations. Locally there are the following events taking place:


Louie’s Backyard will have a bayside Special New Year’s Eve Party with fireworks at midnight. Location: 2305 Laguna Boulevard South Padre Island, TX.

Don’t miss the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Dip beginning at 12 noon. Start the New Year with a dip in the Gulf of Mexico. Registration opens at 10 a.m. and the Dip starts promptly at Noon. Admission is free and t-shirts will be available for purchase on site, while they last. Contact 877-323-6660 for details on how to enter.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Padre Getaways!