Visit South Padre Island this Winter

Visit South Padre Island this Winter

Have you ever been to South Padre Island during the winter months? If you haven’t then you must hear why spending the winter on the island is the best. Staying in one of our South Padre Island vacation rentals will allow you to enjoy the island more. Let’s take a look at why you need to visit South Padre Island this winter below.

Texas Weather

Visit South Padre Island this Winter

The weather on South Padre Island is something that will make you want to never leave to go back home. January’s temperatures are just what everyone loves with the highs around 69 degrees, lows around 55 degrees and it rains around 3 days during the month. February is another great month that has some wonderful weather. The days are about 74 degrees and the nights are around 57 degrees with it raining around 2 days. Not only are you able to enjoy some of the sand and sun but can also enjoy some of the other fun things to do around the island.

Become a Winter Texan

Have you ever heard of the term “snowbirds” before? Winter Texans are also known as “snowbirds” who have decided to make Texas their home for the winter. The best part about being a Winter Texan is you get to come south for the winter months and enjoy the nice warm weather we have down here. We have plenty of winter rentals that you can choose from to be able to stay for longer than 30 days. Come and explore what there is to do during the off-season and become an official Winter Texan every winter!

Experience South Padre Island

Visit South Padre Island this Winter

Staying during the winter months which would be from December through February, will allow you and the family to enjoy living on South Padre Island. There are many things that you can do to experience what it’s like to be a resident. Not only will you have the opportunity to choose which winter rental you want to stay in, but you can also bring the whole family. Some of the fun things that you can do during the off-season would be fishing, watching dolphins in the distance and golfing. No matter where you are on the island, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

While there are many other reasons as of why you should visit South Padre Island this winter, these are the few things we wanted to share. If you haven’t booked your next winter vacation to the island, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you come and stay with us this winter!

There’s Still Time to Take Advantage of Off-Season Rates

Just because spring is in sight promising even warmer days to come, doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of off-season deals and specials on our vacation rentals. South Padre Island is well known for mild winters and providing total relaxation and recreation on 34 miles of uninterrupted coastline in southeast Texas. This is where you’ll find a large assortment of South Padre winter rentals located both on and off the waterfront.

Still Time to Take Advantage of the Off-Season Deals

Great Winter Rentals

Snowbirds are treated to oceanfront access and gorgeous coastal views every day they’re here. If you’ve been dreaming of escaping the cold of winter, our accommodating vacation rentals can be rented by the month in winter. Besides winter rates being much lower than in-season rates, you care exempt from the 14.5% hotel tax when you stay for 30+ days.

Plenty of Winter Activities

The same things that attract people to South Padre Island during the summer months is still here during the off-season months. Fun-filled watersports, a fired up nightlife, breathtaking fireworks, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, dolphin watches, and more await not matter when you get here.

Still Time to Take Advantage of the Off-Season Deals

Why a Winter Stay

This time of year it’s still the perfect place to come where you can leave those winter parkas and boots behind! When you stay with us during the winter months you’ll be able to relax, spend time on the beach, play golf, and go fishing, no matter what day or month it is! You’re going to wonder why you didn’t come sooner!

Winter Monthly Stays

We typically rent winter monthly stays during the months of December to February, but we know some people like to arrive as early as November and stay as late as April. Just ask us what properties we have available and we’d be happy to set you up in comfortable accommodations at super rates! Check-in is typically on the first of the month and check-out on the last, but we may be able to accommodate special circumstances.

Book your South Padre Island vacation with Padre Getaways today! If you need assistance we can be reached by calling 855-412-4805.

Benefits of an Off-Season Vacation to South Padre Island

We understand there are many events a family has to plan around in order to find some time to get away. School, holidays, work responsibilities and vacation days dictate many people’s travel decisions. But if you’re retired or otherwise have a little more flexibility in your schedule, you can reap the benefits of an off-season vacation to South Padre Island.


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Booking a vacation during the “off peak season” results in better rental rates, easier air travel, better deals on dining and shopping and even better customer service. From the moment you start making reservations until you return home, the savings can be huge for an off-season vacation.

August is the true peak season when school is out and families travel to the coast for summer holidays. The rental rates are at a premium during this time, the restaurants are full and the parking can sometimes be quite a challenge.

Benefits of an Off-Season Vacation to South Padre Island

Autumn is an off-peak season with great weather and excellent rates. This period lasts from September through early December. It’s a preferred time to be here by golfers and many others.

From January through early March is “Winter Texan” season. Retirees from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Canada converge on South Padre for a couple of months of warm climate and relaxation. They are able to take advantage of our inexpensive monthly rates on condos.

Benefits of an Off-Season Vacation to South Padre Island

Spring Break sees a boost in rates mid-March. But, there are some rentals that are restricted and do not rent to spring breakers during this time. Therefore families and couples over 25 yrs old can get some pretty good rates on rentals at this time.

Any time between October and early May is sure to provide you with phenomenal weather. The weather is at its absolute best without the heat of summer. During this period of time the beaches are mostly empty. The restaurants have ample tables and servers are eager to please. The stores often have sales and special pricing and even the spas have availability.

Benefits of an Off-Season Vacation to South Padre Island

Other benefits of off-season vacations are that you can also take advantage of some great deals on airfare. Watch for specials on Southwest and American or enjoy daily service from Dallas and choose the best time that will suit you for that off-season getaway.

We look forward to having you stay with us at Padre Getaways for your off-season vacation this year!