Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels on South Padre Island

Padre Getaways is pleased to offer some of the very best vacation rentals on South Padre Island. All of our condos and homes must meet strict standards for quality and value to ensure your vacation experience is nothing short of perfect.

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We know when it comes to vacation rental companies you’ll have a few to select from, so at Padre Getaways we try harder because we want to be your #1 choice for vacation properties when you visit South Padre Island. Our properties will provide you with a wide variety of options with regard to location and amenities. We also know it can be hard to choose, but we’re sure we’ll have exactly what you’re hoping for. When you let our professional and experienced staff at Padre Getaways assist you in making your vacation plans, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Take a look at some of the various vacation rentals we have on our website. We look forward to seeing you soon!

More Space in Rentals from Padre GetawaysMore Space

The additional space of our vacation rentals enable family and friends to travel together and split lodging costs, offering more budget friendly “per night” rates overall. Our vacation rentals average over 1,000 square feet as opposed to hotel rooms that average 400 square feet and, typically, a 1,000+ square foot vacation rental can accommodate six or more guests. No more cramming into a single hotel room or trying to arrange adjoining rooms.

Rentals with Lots of Room at Padre Getaways

Sharing a vacation rental lets you strike a compromise between togetherness and privacy. Groups can share a rental, enjoying time together in the communal areas, yet maintain privacy with ample space for everyone to come and go as they please. Imagine everyone under one roof in one our vacation rental’s spacious living rooms as opposed to 6 to 8 people sitting on one bed. The kids can be put to bed in one room, while the adults enjoy their private bedrooms and bathrooms. Some of our rentals even feature multiple master suites.

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Convenient Amenities

While our vacation rentals don’t offer room service, daily housekeeping, or a concierge, you may find that the amenities that our rentals do offer may be worth making your own bed on vacation. Amenities vary by building, but typically include washers, dryers, full kitchens, and free WiFi, plus pools, boat slips, fitness rooms, and different sports facilities.

Aside from being very convenient, many of these amenities also help keep more money in your pocket. Having a fully equipped kitchen with a full-sized fridge, stove, and microwave, enables you to cook some of your own meals to avoid pricey restaurants, but also bring back leftovers if you do choose to dine out. On average, one person can easily spend $50 per day on meals alone. In one of our vacation rentals, you’re sure to cut that amount in half. A washer and dryer in or very near your rental also allows you to pack more lightly and avoid expensive dry cleaning services while on vacation. And while there is no daily maid service, we can offer scheduled housekeeping at a reasonable extra cost when prior arrangements are made.

Swimming Pools and Weight Rooms

As animal lovers ourselves, we also know that it is not always possible to leave a pet behind during vacation. Fortunately, Padre Getaways offers pet-friendly options that make it possible to bring your fur baby along. Keep in mind that there are certain weight restrictions and we do require a $50 non-refundable pet fee.

Unlimited Variety

Since our vacation rentals are individually owned, they are all unique. They come in all shapes and sizes, from condo rentals to private homes, beachfront resorts to bayside residential townhomes. You can choose from more than 70 Padre Getaways vacation properties with different locations and prices that are sure to suit all travel group sizes and needs.

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South Padre Island is approximately a ½ mile wide and is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Laguna Madre Bay on the west. Our rentals are available on or within walking distance from both. We have condos from studio size to 4 bedrooms up to 2,800 square feet and penthouse condos even larger. Or we have private homes from 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms up to 3,500 square feet. With so many different options to choose from, there is no better time to try a vacation rental and catch on to the trend.

5 Tips to Remember When Booking Vacation Rentals

When you’re planning that much needed vacation to South Padre Island TX and you’re planning to stay with us at Padre Getaways there are some things to keep in mind to ensure you have a fabulous time. Enjoy knowing there won’t be any tiny hotel rooms or bumping into strangers in the hall. The money you save and the privacy you’ll enjoy will change your vacation expectations forever!
Our vacation rentals on Padre Island are the best and we prove it to you when you stay here. Following are 5 tips that will help you to have the best vacation of the summer.

Book your reservations early
1. Make Your Reservations Early
The longer you wait to reserve your vacation rental the higher the risk of having to settle for less than the ideal spot. Do you have your heart set on arriving on a certain date? Then make your reservations early!

2. Check the Weather Forecast
What is the weather forecasted to be like during your visit? In tropical locations the rainy season may have warm and sunny days with pop-up showers in the late afternoon. One benefit of traveling early in the season is that the weather is more temperate.

3. Do Your Research
Everything you need to know about the area and your vacation destination can be found online. How big are the rooms? Are housekeeping services included or are they extra? Does the price include taxes? Don’t rely on photos alone. When in doubt, just ask us.

check the online reviews


4. Use Online Resources
Be sure to look at photos of the vacation rental online. Read testimonials posted by previous guests. Do a Google search just for kicks. There are many online resources you can take advantage of.

5. Trust Your Gut
Are you not “clicking” with the homeowner or rental agent? Are you getting vague answers to your questions? At Padre Getaways we listen to what you say when you tell us about your ideal accommodations and we work hard to give you what you want. We are knowledgeable about both our rentals and the surrounding areas and would be happy to share that information with you.

The ‘Dallas Morning News’ says Fall is the Time to Padre!

Fall Rentals in South PadreFall is a great time of year to visit South Padre Island and enjoy the coast without the big crowds. A recent article in the Dallas Morning News agrees! Our weather is perfectly pleasant, the water temperatures still warm, and the island is a tranquil beach destination. The beaches are quiet and beautiful for long walks and there are some great weekend events to enjoy.

In the off season, you’ll have no trouble getting fed at one of the many year-round restaurants on South Padre Island that serve anything from fresh seafood to traditional Mexican favorites. (Some of our favorites include Blackbeard’s, Gabriella’s, and Cap’ N Roy’s.)

There are also plenty of activities to keep all members of the family busy throughout your stay. Be sure to take advantage of inexpensive family-friendly fun at Schlitterbahn Waterpark, South Padre Island Birding Center, and Sea Turtle Inc. Evening entertainment for the grown-ups can be found at bay bars like Coconut’s, Louie’s Backyard, and Laguna Bob’s.

Even better, the rates are very reasonable on lots of wonderful getaways. Give Padre Getaways a call and we will help you plan a fall trip to the coast. Come and explore all that South Padre Island has to offer!

DON’T GET SCAMMED! How to Protect Yourself in the Vacation Rental Marketplace

In recent years, more and more fraudulent listings have appeared on third party vacation rental websites around the country such as HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey, TripAdvisor and Airbnb.  These listings are “scraped” or extracted electronically from legitimate websites such as ours or the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) sales listings.  Guests show up on the island only to find out that they paid for a rental that does not exist or one that is not actually available for rental.  If this happens during the busiest times, you may not be able to find alternative accommodations once you arrive.  We have helped stranded visitors in this situation and will do our best to help if it ever happens to you.  But we would rather help you avoid this by providing the following tips to keep you from getting scammed:

  1. Rent from a reputable vacation rental management company like Padre Getaways who registers their properties with the City of South Padre Island. The City recently passed an ordinance that requires the registration of any property that is advertised for short term vacation rental.  This ordinance also requires that the rental owner or vacation rental manager provide a 24 hour emergency number for a representative within one hours reach of the island.  This protects you during your stay.  Guests now have a way to identify vacation rental properties that are reputable and in good standing with the City.  Look for the individual property registration number on any property before you agree to a rental.
  2. Call the Chamber of Commerce or South Padre Island Visitors Center to check the reputation of any vacation rental management company. You can also check the registration of individual  properties with the City of South Padre Island.
  3. Never agree to transfer cash or mail a check for your rental. Once you transfer cash you have no recourse should you later find that the rental is a scam.  A reputable vacation rental management company will require credit cards for payment to protect both you and them.
  4. Never rent from anyone who does not charge hotel occupancy tax. It is 14.5% in South Padre Island and is required by state and local law on any short term vacation rental.  If they don’t collect it and you don’t pay it, you are both breaking the law.  A property registered and in good standing with the City of South Padre Island must be in compliance with all regulations and laws.


Our Broker, Eleana Jones, is a member of the Hotel Occupancy Tax Task Force that developed this new ordinance and was active in moving this ordinance forward because we believe that this ordinance is great for the island, great for rental property owners and great for our rental guests.

South Padre Island Top 10 Family Friendly Vacation Activities

Vacationers on South Padre Island find a variety of activities await them. Here are our top 10 favorite things to do while in the South Padre Island area with your family

  1. Visit the parks. South Padre Island has several parks. Isla Blanca Park is located on the south tip of the island. Visitors here can walk out on the jetties, watch the local surfers or visit the beachfront snack bar. To the north, Andy Bowie Park offers beach access to cars. If you are cautious of tides you can drive your vehicle miles up the coast and see the pristine dunes and raw coastline. There is a small fee per vehicle for both parks.
  2. Build a sandcastle. South Padre’s sandy beaches provide a perfect building material for kids and grown kids. Anyone with a bucket and a plastic shovel can make a statement, but to learn how to make a real work of art, take a sandcastle lesson. There are several local companies, such as Sandcastle Lessons with Andy Hancock, that will make a beach appointment with your family and teach you this fine art.
  3. See the Sea Turtles. Our island is home to an excellent Sea Turtle rescue program. Sea Turtles, Inc. is responsible for rescuing and rehabilitating area Sea Turtles. They also protect new turtle nests and release hatchlings to the wild. Guests can visit Sea Turtle, Inc. to learn more about these endangered animals and get up close and personal with the turtles that live at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center.
  4. Catch a wave. Aspiring surf riders of all ages and skill levels can have a great time in our summer surf. Young riders can enjoy a boogie board for safe fun in light waves, while more energetic riders can learn to ride a big board. Island Native offers surf lessons for groups or individuals. For self starters, you can even rent a board and get out on the waves.
  5. Just Go Fish! There are all kinds of fishing opportunities on South Padre Island. Surf fishing on the beach is a popular and inexpensive way to enjoy the Gulfs bounty. You can also walk out on the jetties at Isla Blanca park or go out on the fishing piers located in Port Isabel or near the KOA campground. Other guests choose to go out on a group bay or Gulf fishing tour. For the finest fishing experience, fishing guides and charters are available for both bay and gulf fishing.
  6. Fly a kite. Our sea breezes often provide the perfect wind for kite flying. This is the perfect beach activity for all ages and skill levels. Kites vary from inexpensive to highly customized sport fliers. You can even pick up some truly unique flying artworks to dazzle and amuse. Visit one of SPI’s kite shops for your beach kite and remember why this was such a great activity in your childhood.
  7. Visit Historic Port Isabel. Right across the bridge is a wealth of history and interesting activities. For a reasonable admittance price you can climb the Port Isabel Lighthouse and catch a great panoramic view of the Texas coast. While there, be sure to visit the Port Isabel Museums. These museums have information and artifacts from several of the shipwrecks, wars and pirating events that occurred in the area.
  8. Watch the dolphins. A dolphin watch is a great family activity and inexpensive way to get out on the water. The Laguna Madre Bay is home to many pods of dolphins. These dolphin watch or eco-tourism trips almost always catch our local sea life activity and give your family a great vacation story!
  9. Visit the zoo. Only 25 minutes away, The Brownsville Zoo is nationally recognized. It is especially noted for its primate breeding program and features some of the finest primate exhibits in the country. Additionally, the Brownsville Zoo features an impressive array of tropical plants and landscaping.
  10. Relax. The best feature of South Padre Island is its laid back attitude. Vacationers young and old can enjoy a little time off for a walk, a nap or a drift in a pool. We hope you remember to take time off from your busy vacation schedule for a giggle and a rest.

Now is the Time to Rent in South Padre Island

With spring well under way and summer fast approaching many people are focused on making their vacation plans and securing this summer’s accommodations. Gone are the days when people drive into town and stop at hotels or motels until they find a place to rent in South Padre Island that had vacancies. Now we can make our reservations from the comfort of our own living room and practically in the blink of an eye. But don’t delay! This is our busiest season and our luxury vacation rentals get booked fast!

You’ll find our rentals to be exclusive South Padre Island condos, townhomes and spacious single family homes. You can trust us to only provide homes that meet the strictest standards for luxury, quality and value. We have a large selection of South Padre Island Beachside Rentals, Bayside Rentals (both interior and waterfront), and properties located beachfront on South Padre Island.

Now is the Time to Rent in South Padre Island


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