What To Bring On Your Beach Vacation to South Padre Island

Our guests often ask us what they should bring with them when vacationing on South Padre Island. While the beach vacation rentals at Padre Getaways provide you with everything you need for a comfortable stay, guests will want to bring additional things that we don’t provide, for their fun times on the island.

What To Bring On Your Beach Vacation to South Padre Island

What To Bring

Sunscreen for Time in the Sun
Be sure to bring sunscreen for the whole family as well as protective clothing for the beach. The ultraviolet rays in this area are intense and days spent near the water mean even more exposure. A painful sunburn can ruin anyone’s holiday so please remember to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Coolers For Those Beach Picnics
Bring coolers if you’re planning on eating and or drinking while at the beach. In addition, for maximum enjoyment, we recommend beach blankets or towels, chairs and plenty of beach toys.

Rainy Weather Entertainment
Nobody wants to plan on rain but if you’re vacationing and it rains more than a little you’ll be glad you did! Bring cards, a board game or book, and just spend any rainy days relaxing with your family. If you have a lap top computer you can find internet service in either your condo or a nearby internet café.

Food and Beverages
If you’re planning on eating-in to save some money you’ll need to make a stop at a local store for groceries. You will also need basics like oil, coffee, butter and seasonings, in addition to your meals. If you prefer to shop locally, the island grocery store, The Blue Marlin, is great for basics and offers an excellent meat department. There are also two larger grocery store chains on the mainland in Port Isabel.

Additional Paper Products
Our properties will have a starter roll of paper towels, toilet paper and a trash bag. If you are staying for several days you will need additional supplies.

What Not To Bring On Your Beach Vacation to South Padre Island

What Not To Bring

Bed Linens and Towels
All properties come complete with bed linens and pillows. We also make sure there are plenty of towels for you to use in the property. If you require additional towels for pool or beach use then you will want to bring your own.

Cleaning Supplies
All of our properties are supplied with dish soap and basic cleaning equipment. Guests are asked to remove trash and run the dishwasher before checking out. The rest of the cleaning will be done by the Padre Getaways housekeeping staff. If you are staying for a longer period of time, you may wish to bring some laundry soap or additional supplies.

Cooking and Dining
All rental properties come with all the basic cooking equipment including plates, glasses, silverware, pots and pans, spatulas, etc. You will also find a microwave, coffee maker, and toaster in each unit. We expect that the needs of most guests are met. However, if you have specific culinary equipment beyond the basics, you may wish to bring it.


What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

If you’re the one that does the packing for your beach vacation every year it might be time to update your list. The items required to bring with you for a day spent on the beach is certainly different than they were in the not so distant past. When you’re packing for your family’s summer beach vacation to South Padre Island this year, be sure not to forget the following items for that relaxing day on the beach. It could be the difference between a happy and relaxing day vs. being miserable.

What to pack for a day at the beach

Important Info to Bring

Money and Credit Cards
Car Insurance and Registration
Rental Confirmation
Health Insurance card
AAA Phone Number & Card
Phone and Camera

Beach supplies

Specific Beach Items

Beach Towels
Large Blanket to Lay On
Beach Chairs & Beach Umbrella
Chest Cooler with Ice
Beach Cart on Wheels to Carry Gear
Float Toys, Sand Toys, Kites & Water Goggles
Beach Bag for Each Person
Sunscreen & Lip Balm
Sunglasses & Hat for Sun Protection
Food, Snacks and Beverages
Plenty of Bottled Water
Long Sleeve Shirt & Pants for Sun Protection
That book you’ve been meaning to read.

While the list could really be endless, these are the basics to have with you when you’re heading to the beach for the day. Of course the list varies if you have children or pets with you, too. Pay attention to local ordinances regarding having pets on the beach and the use of beach umbrellas.

When you’re ready to make your reservation for a vacation rental at South Padre Island, give Padre Getaways a call at 855-412-4805 and we’ll set you up in accommodations you’re sure to love! For help with packing for your trip, check out another list for What to Bring on Vacation.