Padre Getaways is Ready for You

We are excited to share with our guests and future guests that Padre Getaways and the beaches are open again! This has been a very trying time for everyone in the country, and we know that while the beaches are back empty, you will still have to follow many of the new restrictions for COVID-19. Staying with us in one of our South Padre Island vacation rentals will allow you to sit back and relax after not being able to travel for a good month or so.

Social Distancing

We are just as excited as our guests that the beaches are back open! But we do have to let you know that things may be a little different when you come on vacation. We do still have to maintain social distancing even while on the beach, and you may notice the set up on the beach is a little different. South Padre Island wants to continue to keep their visitors safe during their next visit, and it means that the chairs located on the beach must be spaced at least 6 feet apart from one another. But this doesn’t mean that you still can’t have a good time! Let the kids play in the sand and enjoy the surf a little bit. Build sandcastles and just have a good time together on the beach!

Book your Next Vacation Today

Depending on where you live will depend on when you will be able to travel again, but we here at Padre Getaways are ready when you are. We know that many different states will be allowing their residents to start traveling again, beginning on either May 1st through May 15th. When you and your family are ready to travel and relax some after being home for the past month, we are waiting to see you! Book your next vacation today to take a relaxing and well-deserved vacation on our beautiful island!

We know that while we don’t know if this will become a part of our world for years to come, it’s something we must abide by now. Our staff at Padre Getaways can’t wait to see you and your family as you go and enjoy the area and our vacation rentals!

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