The Perfect Time to Invest in Your Own Piece of Paradise

The Perfect Time to Buy Your Own Piece of Paradise

If you’ve only ever dreamed about owning a vacation home don’t you think it’s time to make that dream a reality? At Padre Getaways we have many gorgeous vacation homes that are just waiting for someone to come along and make them your forever-after-home.

The Perfect Time to Invest in Your Own Piece of Paradise
Whether you’re purchasing a piece of paradise to live in full time after retirement, as a second home for vacation use, or as an investment property to rent out when you’re not there, you’re sure to find the perfect property among our inventory of vacation homes.

Look For a Good Track Record

If you plan on renting your property out you’ll want to be sure it has a good track record when it comes to its rental history. If it’s never been rented out before then take a close look at its potential. Is it in a good location to appeal to vacationers? Is it a home that’s easy to walk to shopping, dining and the beach from?

You’ll want to set a realistic rental fee on the home in line with what it has been renting for and what the neighborhood rates are. If you’ve updated the property you may be able to increase the amount of rent that’s been charged on the property in the past.

Vacationers look for properties that are well kept, up-to-date, and have lots of amenities for the money. Keep that in mind when looking at properties. Will you need to invest a lot of extra money into the property after you buy it?

Are you a property manager?

Are You a Property Manager?

Have you ever managed a vacation property where families are coming and going week after week? Do you know what’s involved in creating a timely departure and arrival? How about the secret to keeping your property rented when you’re not there and available when you want to be? At Padre Getaways we know these things and can be the property manager for any home you purchase from us.

Unless you decide to manage your property yourself, a management company such as Padre Getaways will be instrumental in the success of your property. You’ll want your piece of paradise to give high returns as any solid investment should.

Management Fees

Management companies charge fees and provide certain owner services. You should ask what these are before committing yourself in writing. A management or rental company typically handles routine repairs but will obtain your approval for repairs that exceed an agreed upon amount. They will be responsible for securing reservations, collecting rents and disbursing net rents to you (net of management fee, hotel tax, credit card fees, and routine maintenance).

Choosing a Property Manager

Have a property management company that you’re considering? Take a close look at their website and ask to see any promotional materials they have. Check the functionality of their website by doing some general searches for vacation property on South Padre Island. If you hire them then your property will be among their search results. Ask to see the check-in paperwork for the property or others you’re considering. And especially ask about the guest services they offer.

A property manager is going to be representing you so you want to make sure you like how they treat people, reply to requests, and overall present themselves as well as your property.

We Can Help

At Padre Getaways we will be happy to assist you with all of these steps from finding your piece of paradise to helping you select a management company to care for your property. Please gives us a call at 855-412-4805 and we can work with you to start the process.

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