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About Eleana

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, I was always near the water but my perspective of a beach was that of rocky coasts and pine trees and a whole lot of drizzle. When I first saw a tropical beach with palm trees and lots of sunshine, I was called back again and again.

Although I was not born in Texas, I got here as they say "as fast as I could". And once here, I discovered that Texas has a tropical beach just hours from all the major cities and less than an hour from Mexico -- on a barrier island called South Padre Island. I also discovered that whenever I crossed the causeway bridge to the island I was happy, and whenever I went back again to return home I was sad. I still get that feeling today, every time that I cross the bridge and see our island skyline and shoreline.

We visited often from Dallas - my husband, Wally, and I came every year with our group of 4 beach couples and it was on one of those "Adult Spring Breaks" that Wally and I decided that we needed to own our own piece of paradise. We bought our condominium at Sunchase IV in 2001 and enjoyed coming to the island as often as our executive lives would allow.

In 2007, we decided to move to the island full time - not as a retirement project but as a quality of life change, so our vacation home became our permanent home. We have been fortunate to have visited tropical beaches from Hawaii to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and as far as Tahiti - but it is South Padre Island that we are blessed to call home.

At Padre Getaways, we help guests every day to discover what we have known for years: South Padre Island is still one of the best kept secrets in many ways. Once you Love It for a Day, you will want to Own It for a Life Time! And when you are ready to buy, we are here to help. As a Broker and a CPA, I take a very practical approach to helping our buying clients. It must be the right time, the right property and the right price - and we will help you evaluate and negotiate all three.

There are great opportunities on South Padre Island for A Practical Investment in Fun - that is, the opportunity to find your own piece of paradise and to hold it solely for your own use or to offset the cost of ownership through short term vacation rentals. Whichever the preference, my financial background and our knowledge of the island allows us to represent buying clients with an informed approach and always with realistic expectations. And if renting your property is your preference, at Padre Getaways we have the expertise to back up those expectations with our redesigned approach to property management. We are not looking to leave you after the sale, but rather expecting to develop a relationship that makes you a client for life.

About Julie

After 15 years of working for large financial firms I decided to make the jump and join Padre Getaways.  I work with our amazing sales team, and I also focus on residential real estate.  I have a passion for helping our clients either find or sell property.  After watching and experiencing the turbulence of the financial markets during the 2007/2008 crash I made the decision to always help others, so that they can make the best financial decisions as it pertains to real estate.  I want to help make the purchase or sale of real estate a blessing and not a curse for our clients.  

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, and my family and I would frequently go to South Padre Island for family holidays.  I have a love for the island, and I am now sharing my love for South Padre Island with my husband and children.  We currently reside in North Texas, but South Padre Island is our second home.


A Practical Investment In Fun
posted by Padre Getaways on March 28, 2020
A Practical Investment In Fun

As a CPA and a finance executive, I was trained to look at net income, cash flow, return on investment (ROI), cap rate and other quantifiable measures when evaluating a potential investment in real estate.This is necessary but not necessarily fun. It is simply number crunching with very little ...

New City Ordinance – Registration of Short Term Vacation Rentals on South Padre Island
posted by Padre Getaways on December 03, 2015
New City Ordinance – Registration of Short Term Vacation Rentals on South Padre Island

We are pleased to report that the City of South Padre Island has passed a new ordinance that requires the registration of all short term rental properties on South Padre Island.  Our broker, Eleana Jones, was a member of the Hotel Occupancy Tax Task Force that developed this new ordinance and was ...