Padre Getaways FAQs from Padre Getaaways

You are limited to the maximum number of guests indicated on the rental agreement. As stated in the agreement if you exceed the agreed upon number of overnight guests you could risk eviction with no refund.

All of our properties have wireless internet.  Your access codes will be on our APP once you sign in as a guest and also on your keytag.

The six main reasons for additional charges:

  1. Stained sheets or towels. Please do not use towels to wipe off makeup, sunscreen, to clean up colored drinks,or cars.
  2. Damaged furniture that requires cleaning or repair, such as stains, smells, tears, etc.
  3. Departure instructions are not followed and property is left extra messy. Housekeeping  fees cover only the cost of ordinary cleaning.
  4. Smoking in the property results in 100% forteiture of security deposit.
  5. Condo is damaged and/or something is missing
  6. Not returning keys, parking passes, gate cards, etc.

The following more serious infractions will result in eviction without benefit of refund:

  • Loud or disturbing behavior that requires a visit from police or management 
  • Exceeding maximum occupancy limits
  • Underage drinking or use of prohibited drugs in the condo

Padre Getaways accepts all major credit cards.  Personal checks are accepted in advance of arrival. Foreign currencies are not accepted.

A credit card is required for a deposit in the event of damage or other charges associated with your stay.

An adult age 21 or older must sign the rental contract and must be in residence for the duration of the rental.


A creepy topic: BUGS.  Yep, we hate ‘em too.  But roaches and ants are a reality on our barrier island.  Some critters like the Palmetto (American Cockroach) can even fly inside from their usual home in our palm trees and they give true meaning to the words “Everything is Bigger in Texas”.   They look like a giant version of their great uncle – the common cockroach.  YUK!!  We do our best to keep the pests away – all of our properties are thoroughly cleaned and all have regular pest control.  As creepy as they may make you feel, an occasional roach or line of ants in this part of the world are a fact of life and does not mean that the property has been poorly maintained.  But there are some things that you can do to help:

Plastic not paper. Roaches love paper and glue so bag your groceries in reusable fabric or plastic bags so that the bugs do not travel with you.

Keep food sealed.  All food should be stored either in the refrigerator or in sealed packages or containers.  We recommend that you bring Zip-Loc type storage bags and re-sealable containers for your leftovers.  (These are also great for gathering treasures from the beach!)

Keep your property clean during your stay. Bugs are attracted to food and water – they’ll even eat your worst recipes!  So clean up all areas where food is prepared and served, clean up spills and crumbs from snack foods immediately, and don’t leave dirty dishes lying around.

If you have any questions, please call us and we will do all we can to help - we can ask the pest control service to come back out but we cannot provide compensation if one of the island’s common residents decides to visit during your stay.





A mandatory evacuation of South Padre Island will entitle you to a refund of the unuse portion of your stay. If a mandatory evacuation is not issued no refund will be issued. We encourage all guests to consider travel insurance to protect you in the event of inclimate weather.

You can arrange for a late check-in through our office. If you need to check-in later than the posted check-in times please let us know in advance. An after hours fee may apply to have staff on hand for your check-in.

If you are renting one of our properties you will be given an after hours phone number for emergencies or after hour needs. If you are inquiring about rentals you will need to contact us during normal business hours.

All units are non-smoking. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all of our rental units.

You must come to our office at

Franke Plaza700 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX 78597(Look for our blue awning with the Padre Getaways logo in between Gabriella's Restaurant and Dee Dee's Boutique)

Check-in time is at 3 p.m. We often have guests check out at 11 a.m. the morning of your arrival and even when we don't, we require a same day inspection before you check-in. If you would like to check-in early, you must reserve the night before.

Check-out is at 11 a.m.

To ensure our team has time to prepare for the next guest and to avoid additional late departure fees, please be sure to depart by 11 a.m.

Departure Checklist:

  • Check for personal belongings
  • Set thermostat to 78 degrees
  • Don't make beds you've slept in
  • Leave dirty towels in a bathtub/shower
  • Bring keys/parking passes to our office. If you're leaving outside office hours, place keys/parking passes in the tan drop box on the right column at the top of our stairs.
  • Leave garage openers on the kitchen counter in the property
  • Make sure windows/doors are securely locked
  • Dispose of trash
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