Padre Getaways Property Rental Management Services - South Padre Island

 Thank you for your consideration of Padre Getaways as your rental manager. One of the most frequently questions asked by prospective clients is; "What makes Padre Getaways different from other rental managers?” 

As you contemplate your choices, please consider the following five reasons why you should choose Padre Getaways as your rental manager.


We live on the island with our office on the island, which means we are actively engaged in the day to day operation of Padre Getaways. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for any guest issues and are able to respond immediately to emergencies regardless of the time of day. If you are an owner who permanently resides elsewhere or currently work with a property manager whose home office is out of state, that air conditioner, refrigerator, or water leak, likely won't get fixed as quickly as you would like. With Padre Getaways, our trusted vendors respond quickly to get things back up and running as soon as possible. 

Both Eleana and Wally have a long-term commitment towards South Padre Island.  Wally serves as the chair of the Convention and Visitors Advisory Board which is responsible for setting the tone for advertising South Padre Island and promoting tourism.

Eleana serves on the Board of Directors of Property Owners Who Care (POWC), an organization whose purpose is to give a voice to property owners who do not vote on South Padre Island.


We’re probably the only agency on the island that will turn down a reservation. We are more concerned with making sure your property is protected and well kept than we are with maximizing our rental commissions. Our experienced reservation specialists are highly trained to ensure we do the best job possible matching guests needs and preferences to the appropriate property. Broadly speaking, our target guest demographic is families with children. If we feel a prospective guest isn’t honestly representing their group size or the nature of their stay on SPI, we will diplomatically decline the request for the reservation.


As with other rental agencies, your property will be listed with all the major/minor online travel agencies (VRBO, HomeAway, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Travelocity, etc.), however unlike others, Padre Getaways has developed and maintained our own private data base of guests which currently exceeds 80,000 people. We strategically target these 80K individuals throughout the year, keeping them updated with what is happening on South Padre Island, our inventory of exceptional properties, and exclusive promotional offers designed to entice them to visit the island. 


Our reservations staff are highly trained, utilizing state of the art reservation and phone systems. All calls are recorded and a significant sampling of calls are listened to and scored each quarter to ensure all aspects of professionalism and customized sales techniques are adhered to. Our reservation agents earn quarterly bonuses that can be increased or decreased based upon their telephone performance.


Naturally we strive to see rental income continually increase, however, we are not engaged in maximizing occupancy at any expense. Frankly we know that extremely low rental rates attract guests who in general aren’t as conscientious in caring for your property as they should be. Padre Getaways has a carefully developed dynamic pricing schedule for each property, however, during slow season there is a limit to how low we will drop the daily price of a rental. We would rather the property sit empty than attract guests who would be inclined to be careless.

We have approximately 80 properties under management on SPI. Many of our owner/clients have been with us from the beginning.  Please visit our Owner Testimonials page to learn more what other owners think about our services. We look forward to further discussing the reasons why we believe Padre Getaways is your best choice for a rental management agency.

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