Padre Getaways About Our Team

Each and every one of us are ready to help you find the right location for your South Padre Island Getaway and are here to greet you personally when you arrive on the island.

Elena Olvera

Senior Reservations Specialist

Elena (E2) and Shelbee Rose (Shelbee Rose is the DIVA of Padre Getaways - she will greet guests when she wants to) 

Elena’s primary role is to assist guests in finding the perfect vacation accommodations. As our longest standing reservations agent, she knows our properties well and gets to know our guests on the first phone call so that she can match them with the perfect property for their getaway. Born and raised in the area, she is also able to make personalized recommendations for activities that are sure to maximize every guest’s stay. She is bilingual so she is equally qualified to help guests in both English and Spanish.

When she’s out of the office, Elena can be found at home with her 5 rescue pups (yes, we said 5!) or visiting her grandson and spoiling him rotten.

Jessica Perales

Reservations & Marketing Specialist

Jessica and Ellee May (Ellee May thinks she is a Shih Tzu so we don’t tell her otherwise. She greets every guest with unconditional love.)

Jessica works closely with our CEO to manage all our marketing efforts including our website, third party OTA’s, as well as email and digital marketing campaigns. She also maintains our free guest mobile app. However, she is also ready to help guests find the perfect accommodations for their next vacation or give recommendations for all the most exciting things to do when they arrive on South Padre Island. Jessica was also born and raised in the area and is fluent in both English and Spanish. 

Jessica studied at Fordham University in New York for a year before graduating from UT Brownsville with a degree in communications. She works remotely from Houston, where she is also working towards completing her dual master’s degree in hospitality management and business administration from the University of Houston. 

In her free time, she loves exploring the city with her husband, son, Daniel (who just happens to also be Elena’s grandson), and their dog, Ryder but Jessica also makes as many trips back to South Padre Island as she can to visit her family, the office, and the beach of course!

Kelly Fridy

Director of Residential Operations

Kelly and Ellee May

Kelly manages our inspection and housekeeping teams to ensure that every vacation rental is prepared for our guests and properly maintained before, during, and after each guests’ stay. 

Kelly grew up in Pasadena, but has always loved the beach and moved to South Padre Island where she has lived for the past 25 years. Before joining our Padre Getaways team in 2017, Kelly spent over two decades in all areas of hospitality, working for several local hotels before running her own B&B with her husband, Captain Dale Fridy (who also happens to be our favorite fishing guide on South Padre Island!). 

In her spare time, Kelly spends as much time as she can outdoors with her family – relaxing at the beach, surfing, fishing, and taking advantage of all the exciting activities and events that South Padre Island has to offer.

Lissa Garcia

Reservations & Accounting Specialist

Lissa and Ellee May

Lissa works closely with our CFO to make sure our owner statements are on time and accurate! She can answer most all questions our owner clients may have about their rental transactions. Lissa also manages many other daily financial functions of Padre Getaways. However, she is also ready to assist guests in finding the perfect accommodations and making tailored recommendations for things to do on their next stay in either English or Spanish!

A Brownsville native, Lissa grew up in the area and has always loved living close to the beach. Lissa held various positions in retail sales and management before transitioning to accounting for a local resort hotel and then joining the Padre Getaways team in 2017.

On the weekends, you can catch Lissa at the beach with her husband, her son Isaiah and daughter Faith, and their big puppy, Cuddi. She is a Leo, loves sweet wine, and her favorite food is…well, all food!

Silke De Gobeo


Silke and Shelbee Rose

Silke works exclusively as our Realtor, sales agent.  Silke helps new owners and existing clients with all their real estate needs from finding the perfect property to making the best rental management decisions and selling, if and when, they are ready. 

Originally from Germany, Silke earned an education in hotel management and with her husband owned and operated multiple McDonald’s Restaurants in Canada. One Winter, Silke and her family escaped the Canadian winter to South Padre Island and never looked back!  They found their dream home in Laguna Vista, with a little help from their realtor/broker, Eleana Jones. In 2011, she joined the Padre Getaways team, became a US citizen in 2015, and the rest is history!  Silke is fluent in both English and German which makes Padre Getaways a TRI-lingual office.

Silke enjoys purchasing and managing investment properties with her husband and is active in the community. She serves on the Board of Ethics for the Town of Laguna Vista and as secretary of the Board of the Laguna Vista Recreational Association, Inc. When she’s not hard at work, Silke loves spending her time laying by the pool with her family and 2 rescue pups, Kiwi and Pina. She also enjoys riding her motorcycle, going on a Dolphin Watch, visiting her family and friends in Germany or inviting them to see our beautiful South Padre Island. When you have loved it for a day and are ready to love it for a lifetime, Silke and Eleana are ready to help!

Susan Bradmeir

Administrative Assistant

Susan and Ellee May

Susan handles a wide range of administrative support to help Padre Getaways provide the best possible experience to both our rental guests and owner clients by making all of us more efficient.  Susan is responsible for making sure our guest check in process is stress-free, so she will likely be the one to greet you when you get here! Susan was born and raised in Port Isabel (right over the causeway), where her family has resided since the 1930s. She moved to Germany to work for the United Nations. After exploring many different places and cultures, she returned home to retire – and that didn’t last long once Padre Getaways found her. 

Susan loves to bake (and we love that she does!), relax on the beach, and support the local live music scene on South Padre Island.  So, don’t hesitate to ask Susan where to go for your kind of music!

Eleana Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Eleana (E1) and Shelbee Rose, (Shelbee Rose is the only member of the Padre Getaways Team who can sleep on the job and at 16, it is now what she does best!)

Eleana is a CPA and a Real Estate Broker so that makes her the only logical choice for CFO. As our Greek Eleana, she must rely on the Spanish Elena to translate for our Spanish speaking guests and clients. 

After starting her career in public accounting, Eleana was the Tax Director and CFO of private companies in the hospitality and entertainment industries before moving to South Padre Island full time. Eleana serves on the Board of Directors of Property Owners Who Care City (POWC-SPI) and the South Padre Island Hotel Tax Task Force. Eleana has served as Treasurer of the South Padre Island Board of Realtors and is currently a member of both the South Padre Island and Dallas Fort Worth Metrotex Board of Realtors.

Wally Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Wally and Shelbee Rose

Wally founded Padre Getaways in 2007 and is our CEO, or as Shelbee Rose refers to him: the Alpha Dog. 

As CEO of Padre Getaways, he drives all of our marketing efforts.

Wally was the CEO of public and private companies in the hospitality industry from Dallas to Chicago and back, before moving to South Padre Island full time. Wally served as the President of the Sunchase IV Homeowners Association for 8 years.

Julie Cunningham

Vice President

Julie coaches and trains our sales reservation team using the Navis Way software and training tools and provides strategic sales and human resource guidance to the Padre Getaway’s leadership team. She also focuses on the continued strategic growth of Padre Getaways.

Before joining Padre Getaways in 2017, Julie spent over 15 years in the banking and financial world, including Bank of America and Edward Jones, among others. Julie graduated from Texas A&M University and like a true Aggie, she bleeds maroon and white. Gig ‘em!

She is an animal lover and enjoys spending her free time planning for the next big adventure with her husband and children, Bailey and Andrew.

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