Best Coffee Shops on South Padre Island

Are you headed to South Padre Island this year and are wondering where the best coffee shops are on the island? If the answer is yes, then we at Padre Getaways know where you can go and grab a cup of coffee in the area. Many locals love to get a cup of coffee on their way into work or just to have as a pick me up from many of these local coffee shops. If you are staying with us in one of our Bayside Waterfront vacation rentals, then you won’t be too far from some good coffee. Let’s look at our top picks for where you can get a cup of coffee at while on vacation to South Padre island.

The Grapevine Café & Coffee House

Best Coffee Shops on South Padre Island

The Grapevine Café & Coffee House is located in the heart of South Padre Island and is a favorite among many of the locals. Here you are able to grab a hot cup of bottomless coffee or a 32 oz. French Press along with a great meal. One of the favorites among the locals would be a Belgian Waffle or the Eggs Benedict Grapevine. You are also able to grab a different espresso drinks that are available when you sit down for your meal.  Don’t miss heading here with your family on your next vacation to the island.

Yummies Bistro

Just after you get onto the island, you will find a quaint little shop called Yummies Bistro. Here you will be able to grab yourself a cup of coffee and a few breakfast treats. They have several different coffee options for you to choose from such as a hot cup of coffee, Coconut Zesta, Café Padre or even a Spanish Macchiato. You can also enjoy some cold coffee options such as a Chilled Island Coffee, Coffee Float, Red Eye or a Banana Chocolate Cooler. Some of the breakfast items you can get off the menu are Spanish Omelet, Pancakes, Fruit & Yogurt Plate and more. What a great start to your vacation by stopping by and enjoying some coffee with your friends and family.

Café Karma

Best Coffee Shops on South Padre Island

Café Karma is another favorite for the locals here on South Padre Island and has a unique vibe to it. Here it is located not far from the water and is where you will be able to grab a cup of coffee or another specialty drink. Some of the drinks you are able to find here are a House Coffee, Macchiato, Café Mocha and Iced Coffee. Some of the other drinks you can grab would be a Chai Latte, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea and more. Don’t miss their amazing snacks you can grab while you enjoy your coffee in the shop. Many visitors love to head here for their coffee and the peaceful area of being a coffee shop.

Groovi Smoothi

Groovi Smoothi is not like any other coffee shop you have been to in the past. Here you are able to find other kinds of drinks as well as coffee for the adults and a few sweet treats. For those who love coffee then you are in for a treat as you can get an Americano, Red Eye, Lattes, Iced Coffee and more. You are also able to grab a fruit smoothie such as a PB&J, Saturday Morning and Tropical Smoothie. And for those who just want a drink to quench your thirst you can get a Lemonade, Orange, Tea and a Veggie Drink. Don’t miss out on the sweet treats you can grab to munch on while you enjoy your coffee here with the family. What a great place to go and enjoy the cool air while the warm air is outside!

While there are other options for coffee shops in the area, these are the few we’d thought you would enjoy. If you are still on the hunt for a place to stay on your next vacation to South Padre Island, then check out our Bayside Waterfront vacation rentals today. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you vacation here on the island this year