Don’t Miss the Grand Opening of the Alligator Sanctuary on South Padre Island

Do you and your family like going and seeing nature and even more alligators? If the answer is yes, then you must visit this amazing new addition to the South Padre Island Nature Center. They have opened up an open Alligator Sanctuary that will open on May 11th at 9:00 am. And when you are staying with us in one of our South Padre Island vacation rentals, then you will be close to where the action is happening.

About the Gators

Don’t Miss the Grand Opening of the Alligator Sanctuary on South Padre Island

This addition to the South Padre Island Nature Center has been a work in progress and is finally opening up to the public. There will be more than 100 American Alligators that will call this sanctuary “home”. The alligators are all rescued juvenile ones and they can’t wait to make this their new place to live. They will be in the safety of caregivers and there will even be a 50-year-old alligator named, “Big Padre” who is 700 lbs and is 12 feet long. That is something that not every person in the country can say they have met before.

Where Did the Gators Come From?

Many will want to know where these alligators have come from and they have all been rescued from around Texas. Gary and Shannon Saurage are apart of Gator Country Rescue and holds the only license in the state that are allowed to rescue alligators. They have been rescued from backyards, pools or who were stranded from weather like floods. The Gator Country Rescue have decided to bring these alligators to the Nature Center. The gators now have a safe haven so they will no longer be in danger to the outside world.

Opening Day of the Alligator Sanctuary

Don’t Miss the Grand Opening of the Alligator Sanctuary on South Padre Island

On Saturday, May 11th starting at 9:00 am, you and your family will be able to come over to the Alligator Sanctuary to see what the excitement is all about. Some of the fun opportunities that you will be able to experience are holding baby alligators, wading in a wading pool with them and even get to see other animals such as non-venomous snakes. There will be overflow parking available over at Clayton’s Beach Bar and the South Padre Island Convention Center. Admission into this attraction is $8 per adult (13-54), $7 per Senior (55 & up) & Military, $5 per child (4-12) and Free for kids 3 & under. What a fun event to be a part of on it’s grand opening day!

While there are other things that will be happening at the South Padre Island Nature Center, we thought that you would be interested this event. If you haven’t made your summer vacation plans to South Padre Island yet, now is the time to do it. Summer is just around the corner and before you know it, it will be time for summer break with the kids. We can’t wait to see you and your family this Spring and Summer!